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Thread: Mount cannot be trade

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    Mount cannot be trade

    Seriously, I can not trade my mounts any more now?

    Is this new or is it a bug?

    Because if it's something "new", unfortunately I'll abandon the game, because this makes it very difficult for anyone who can not use real money to get the items.

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    Chaos Chests and how they work have been changed.

    New as of the 12/20 patch - Read the patch notes for details.

    Sorry have fun in another game

    and I don't see how it makes you spend real money - care to clarify?

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    You can craft classes, costumes and a lot of other rare now with the materials you get from lootcollecting those non tradable mounts.
    They also made chaos chest a lot more accessible to the majority of the playerbase because they can now drop from almost anything while playing the game.

    Just give it a chance, it's pretty awesome

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    Only some of the chaos chest drops may be untradable.
    Not every mounts. I repeat, only from chaos chest drops. If it can be dropped by the chaos chest doesnt mean the mount is actually untradable, but you can still achieve/gain/get the mount by getting them another way instead of depending on chaos chest tho.

    Also threatening something or you want to abandon the game is not a nice thing to say.
    Not like it influences us that much if you abandon :/
    IGN Halcy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyne_7 View Post
    Also threatening something or you want to abandon the game is not a nice thing to say.
    Not like it influences us that much if you abandon :/
    He is some random guy who made a forum account just to post a rant.
    Trove doesn't need such people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForsakenHero View Post
    Bye. [2]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post
    Feast your eyes

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    Good bye. /10 chars

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    Hello boys,

    I was wrong, the problem was that I did not have time to play and sold mounts.

    Now that I have time to play more, I recognize that it is better this way, less for those who play frequently.

    (sorry my english it's horrible)

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