Hello Everybody! I recently just started playing again and picked myself up the Shadow Hunter Class. After picking it up I realized it would be really cool to have a costume for it. So, I am willing to trade the following for the Deadshot Costume

These are all Thanksgiving Items:

-3 Progressive Pilgrim Hats
-2 Bounteous Maximus Hats
-1 Turkey Stuffing Hat
-4 Flowery Basket Recipes
-2 Tethered Turkey Recipes
-1 Hearty Ham Recipe
-2 Pumpkin Pie Recipe
-5 Bountiful Fruit Basket Recipe
-2 Decorative Pumpkin Recipe
-1 Harvest Horn Recipe
-1 Autumn Sapling

P.S. I am also in the market for a Nimble Nimbus Mount. If any of this is appealing I would gladly take the Nimble Nimbus for all of this over the deadshot costume. Thank you!