Snowfest: Save the Season
  • Help Save the Season with an all-new quest chain! Defeat invading evil robots and craft your very own G.R.Y.P.H. 3000, plus get great rewards like a Ninth Life gem booster and 25 Diamond Dragonite! (you must have completed the tutorial objectives to see these quests)
  • New Present dungeons have appeared! Find the Ice Ice Baby Dragon inside whose chest may contain a Colorful Gift Carousel.
  • Flamotron Mk II's rocket dungeon can now be found in the Permafrost Biome! Enchanted Snowballs are his shield's weak spot - throw them at him to remove his invincibility, then hit him before it can regenerate. He'll drop Darknik Gears for the lucky victors.
  • The mighty G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 and Enchanted Snowballs can now be crafted in the Snowfest table.
  • A Crate of 150 Darknik Gears has appeared for a limited time in the Store! Purchase this to get a major leg up on crafting the tradable G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 Mount.

Additional Updates
  • 4 new winter-themed costumes have been added to the Chaos Crafter. Craft the Winter Waker for the Tomb Raiser, the Workshop Watcher for the Revenant, or the Frigid Fiend or Shaggy Yeti for the Candy Barbarian.
  • Fixed bug where School of Fish trophies are stackable.
  • Fixed Chaos Chest Tome to unlock the correct item in collections.
  • Removed the duplicate Hydrajet Streamers entry in the Chaos Crafter.