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    Mar 2015
    Great idea Fasti love that little bulldog!!!.

    Everything you guys made is different unique from others mmo's so far, some of them just need to be polished a bit. like the vfx some costumes are missing. also fixing or getting better server conection. would be really nice.

    Besides that the bugs can be fixed, the crashs can be fixed, everything can be fixed or moved to a better stage.

    As i saw this game evolving since beta. I can say trully this is a game that can never dissapoint you if you choose the right path to follow. Not the greedy one.

    All that i came to a conclusion, this is the best mmo i i'ver played theres so much to do and better, no quests to restrict you to do what you want when you want.

    Wish everyone a good new year. Also luck on Boxes to get everything you may need.

    Thanks dev team.

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    This seems like a great idea! Looking forward to the future help from everyone~!
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    No more troll posts :P

    Cute ally, we need more like this
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    oooooh pretty, Guess ill have to hop to the occasion and start another contest
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    hey, fasti. hook your boy up ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) jk dont ban me.

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    So only things we do in 2017 count?

    Seems these should honestly be retroactive.

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    Apr 2015

    Red face

    Love the little one!
    Thank you Fasti!

    I did a few lairs with him, and i have to say, he's really cute, and the way he walks around is just adorable.
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    I hereby do nominate PowerDJ and Spree and Lavoyd for the ally for being good friends ^-^

    (Although I hardly talk to the first and last one anymore due to being about as active as a lazy snail.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delta View Post
    The meme is strong with this one.
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    this looks cool... but... I hope it would be a masteryless status symbol, basicly something you can hold up to say I did good.
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    Wink Great idea= Great support

    this idea will really shape our community from not complaining that they got nothing from trove of wonders to actually realizing that they can stop complaining and actually buy the thing they want instead of gambling XD

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