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    Nice idea how to creat helpfull comunity
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    Reading thru the thread, it looks like some of these were awarded in 2017, then nothing for the last 18 months. Was this forgotten about?

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    Back at 2017 things were a bit better and they were already trying to club snub? So sad. The thing of asking and not receiving was so not necessary. Did any really active and remotely helpful player ever considered asking for it? And if they did, was the reply something along the lines of: "You are nice, but now you asked so get rkt lul"?

    Back then I tried to appreciate the work of a certain modder in hopes to get a code, instead of receiving a polite yes or no in the level of my request, the guy straight outraged and hummiliated me. And he was just a player. Imagine what kind of treacherous stuff people with slightly more influence do? I will never even again do something like this for any item, and I doubt fellow veterans would.

    Like, the idea is very nice, but something really went overboard here.

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