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Thread: [X1] Official SGOD Recruitment

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    [X1] Official SGOD Recruitment

    Welcome to the Official Recruitment Page of SGOD

    Hello Everyone,
    I don't want to take too much of your time in reading this, therefore I will get straight to the point of this post. SGOD is a (obviously) new club on the Xbox One. We are a steadily growing group of players, and we are looking to grow as much as possible to provide the best game play experience for anyone and everyone. We do not hold requirements to join, although we do prefer mature players to ensure there is no drama on a game. We have recently hit 200 members and are growing every day. Below I will leave a bit of information as well as some images of our current projects in the club world.

    Current/Upcoming Features
    • Normal/Hard Shadow Tower Runs Daily
    • Mini Games (Coming Soon)
    • Build Areas for Members
    • Premium Build Areas for Architects
    More Coming Very Soon..

    Promotion Details
    Promotions are not something that will be handed out, but can be very easily obtained to a certain extent. As of now we have 2 Leaders (Jabrudy and I) and 3 Officers. To get promoted all we ask is to help us grow as a club. Help out newer players, help with building resources, and be active.

    Preview of Current Projects

    For any more information please feel free to reach out to me via Xbox One.

    GT : SG IntoxicateD

    Thanks for your time and enjoy the rest of your day !

    - Dan

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    Updates as of 01/05

    All portals (except U9 10K Igneous / Everdark) have been created in club, so eliminate the hub lag by using the club portals.

    All crafting tables are available.

    New fishing areas for club members to relax in.

    Now up to 270+ members. (Thanks for all that have already joined, hope you are enjoying it!)

    New and improved club HQ design. (Pictures coming soon..)

    Architect+ Chess Table added near grand tree.

    and more..

    Will be keeping tab on updates, thanks for checking in!


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    Hey can I get an invite, I'm a neon ninja PR 11k. Keen to find players to farm u9 and do ST with and possibly help build and what not. GT J0shJohns (first 0 is a zero)

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