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  Click here to go to the first Trove Team post in this thread.   Thread: PC/Mac Cubic Creations - Epic Builds

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    Planet Orbis

    Red face Here's mine

    /joinworld Y3LL0W Industries.

    The tower is 216 blocks high and it could be the tallest tower ever built in the entire game.

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    Smile Builds

    My first build bigger than cornerstone. IceCream Sandwich portal area.

    Second build, Samurai Temple

    Third build, Ankylo Sky Ship

    Still working on my fourth.

    Cubist Colony

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    U r very welcome to visit trovemas, Fasti
    /joinworld trovemas Happy Trovemas.jpg
    Too many pictures, so kindly check this and ofc pay a visit: https://trovesaurus.com/page=2839/pl...s-2017-pc-only
    Mods: The Throne of Thoth
    Are you under mastery lvl 20 and need a class coin? Click here: https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/ac...=ascend_invite

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    Happy New Year

    /joinworld Monster Buster Club MBC

    This is the first project of MBC that is 5 zones in size. It certainly won't match what other clubs did but we've only 2 builders since the rest retired from Trove. It is still under construction for the moment but we're working our best to complete it.

    The Gaoshu Int'l Airport is built according to International Air Transport Association Runway Regulations, and it might be the only airport in Trove that compiles to IATA regulations. Gaoshu Int'l Airport, got its name from Gaoshu Ultralight Airport in Taiwan. This Airport is built as a result of MBC's Immigration Policy just before the formation of Lucian Alliance.

    The Runway

    Immigration checkpoint (18 Non-Members and 2 Members)

    Arrival Terminal

    Pinata Party on Arrival Terminal 3rd Floor for the New Year :P


    In an event that you had enters the MBC before the spawn location has been shifted, kindly use any Yellow Transit Portal to proceed to Portals Control 1. There you can find the last Yellow Transit Portal to the Airport or the 3rd last portal to Rally of Heroes (Near the Airport and can only exit through Arrival Terminal). Good day to all of you and happy new year

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    We'll be streaming from the PC this week (January 12th) so we'll pay a visit to some of these. Keep the awesome Club Worlds coming!

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    This is removed because out dated club name.

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    This is removed because wrong sent.

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    This is removed because wrong sent.

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    sorry i was try add photo wrong send

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    /joinworld Synchroneity

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