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    PC/Mac Cubic Creations - Epic Builds

    Hey everyone!

    If you know of an amazing Club World build be sure to share it with us here. Screenshots are amazing, but you can also just post the name of the Club and directions of where to go to find the coolness.

    We're starting off with a clean slate for the new year so share your cool new builds and let the world know just how creative we can be!

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    Senior Member Arion4K's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    In your mind


    /joinworld laezaria

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    Mar 2016
    /joinworld imonchemicals

    Our humble Glass Castle

    IGN: ChemicaIs
    Club: ImOnChemicals - A Powerful 10k+ club that can do all ults in club
    Level 30's: Chloromancer, Shadow Hunter, Pirate Captian
    Over 10k pr: Chloromancer, Shadow Hunter, Pirate Captian, Neon Ninja
    Weeks i got purple name: 9 weeks straight, too time consuming now :c
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    my twitch

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    /joinworld CEBEP

    cursed island


    and more...
    my clubworld /joinworld CEBEP
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    The Renewed!

    /joinworld The Renewed

    There's 3 PVP arenas through the red portals, a mini game map through the yellow portal, a fishing area through the blue portal, and a flight course through the green portal. The flight course has you fly around the world checking out the current builds in the club. Hope to have even more awesome builds soon!

    Imgur Album: http://imgur.com/a/iOe1f
    IGN: Smeeshy | Voxel Busters President| Voxel Busters Discord | RAF Code: X6QPMRN2H7H72XX3J6LR

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    /joinworld dragon

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    It is not that big or good looking but more will come!

    Come and join the fun at http://i-g-a.coffeecup.com/forms/Join
    Take a look at our club at /joinworld Monster Buster Club MBC

    Monster Broadcasting Channel is the official broadcaster of Monster Buster Club

    Join MBC at http://i-g-a.coffeecup.com/forms/Join
    Visit MBC website at https://monsterbusterclubwebsite.blogspot.com

    © 2017 International Group of Anthony

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    Aug 2015
    /joinworld Varros

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    Nov 2015

    I <3 Trove

    /joinworld Land Of Milk And Huney

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    /Joinworld Os Kracudos or /joinworld 710931579771752445
    President: Xandellicia

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