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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealBenjiYokai View Post
    Please check out I Wanna Be The BUILDERS, a club where all members can build (except for a few restricted builds that make the club nice)
    I just finished the build of a Chaotic Mimic ally (I built a cute version), and if you go onto the top and enter the keyhole, you will enter the Chaotic Chamber, the place where I do giveaways!
    The Chaotic Mimic build is not nearly finished yet (I still need to touch up the background a little bit, and I need to put a way for players with little jump to enter), but other than that, it is pretty much finished!
    I know that the Chaotic Mimic build is not that impressive, as it isn't a large scale build, but I think that it is unique because I have yet to see a Chaotic Mimic build in a club, and even so, it is the chamber where I do giveaways! I know that taking pride into builds isn't really common in Trove, but I did in my Chaotic Mimic build, and I hope that ya'll like it!
    Note that I Wanna Be The BUILDERS is still kind of new, so it isn't that good [yet], but it will one day be a big club in Trove!
    I Wanna Be The BUILDERS is currently closed to the public right now, and if you want an invite, message me on PSN that you want a BUILDERS invite. However, if things go correctly, I Wanna Be The BUILDERS will be open to the public within 5 days to two weeks United States Central Time! I hope ya'll like the Chaotic Ally build! [Winking Tentabox is coming soon]
    I probably should have said this a long time ago, but this club has been ruined. I tried to sell it over a year ago but got scammed in the process. I sent a support ticket to Trion, and after a month of waiting I got a canned response saying that they fixed bugs from the Luminopolis update. Sent another ticket and they said that they were looking into it, 1 year later I never got a response. I don't play the game anymore and was only on the forums to see if gamingo improved the game (according to people I trust, they didn't), so I was making sure that people don't go check out my (stolen) club anymore.
    I have video proof of me being scammed if anyone wants to see it
    PSN: Benji_Yokai
    Discord: NeatherBen221

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    Cool Club builds

    Trying to make the middle-earth map, from The Hobbit n LOTR.

    "The Forces Of Good"
    is my family's club.

    Anyone want a tour ?

    Tour starts inside Bagend, out the front door one finds The Great East Road, Which can b followed past Weather Top etc.
    PS:Coin challenges and racing challenges in Bréé.
    Mag-rider coarse throughout Weather Top Mountain.
    not of this world

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    Greatness awaits

    Hi guys I just recently been building a club I am building some pretty amazeing stuff I'd like all to see I'm new to trove so I'm learning the ropes lol but it's definetly worth a check and when I'm done I'll post some picks here the club name is Angels of Doom

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