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    PS4 Epic Builds - Cubic Creations

    Hey everyone!

    If you know of a Club World that contains an amazing build you'd like to show off be sure to post it below. Screenshots are great if you can grab them but feel free to just call out the Club World name and where to go to see the epicness.

    We're going to be featuring builds in blogs and on livestreams in the future so we're really looking forward to seeing what you're building.


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    Have a look at Brothers. (Brothers is the clubname)
    WorldID code to put into your chat= /joinworld Brothers

    Its not 100% finished but already has plenty to show,
    Also has a chapel for the people who need some time of thought.
    Oh and disclaimer: You should totally treasurehunt the hints on the signs placed everywhere, theres a huge secret!

    Ill add a new movie recording of the Island's overworld soon!
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    If you guys ever go to Meowniverse club world.

    1. Check out the sweet as hotel castle i built them

    And 2. Try get build rights and destroy it and get my blocks back, piece of crap didn't pay me in the end and owes me 500K

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    Could we enable a direct upload frm the PS4, currently this function is disabled. You currently must either upload images to an online server or Port the image data over to a PC to upload them onto the forums.Once the Servers are back up i will Add some images to my PC and upload them but in the future it would be more convenient to be able to upload directly from the PS4 image gallery.
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    Hi my friends and I have built a huge Colosseum hub with a dragon Statue in the center of the room.

    Our Clubworld is called Cubetopia
    Would love our club to featured
    Shout out to KASALAW bojear454 and Dread-Funky because it was a group effort.

    My PSN is ReD-eYe-JeDi1991 if you want to have a look or join Contact me or KASALAW through PSN

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    I recommend three club worlds this time.

    Trove and Friends
    Praise the Sun
    The Valkyries of Yggdrasil

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    Join my Fishing specific clubworld you can catch 7 rares there, 5 rares 2 enchanted rares and it has information on catching every other rare fish in the game

    /joinworld The Fishing Guild

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    See The TiTaN

    I built almost everything by myself
    Check out the tree fountain
    And check out the design on the house and the TT tower

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    We Dem Boys
    The one and only Weekend Insomniac of the North American PS4 servers and Twitch.tv/weekendinsomniac
    Check out my clubs /joinworld We Dem Boys /joinworld Cheddar
    - ign- WeekendInsomniac

    Stellars and newbie gear, check out my shop http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...Updating-Daily

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    /joinworld The One Percent

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