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    Club Trovers is fairly new and very small, but already has some great builds. Lots of people like our roller coaster. We also have an Elvira inspired pinball machine where you get to be the ball. Itís silly fun bouncing around in there.

    Join world Club Trovers and check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePrettyOne View Post
    First I'm a member of Demons of Valhalla not of Ashes to Obelisks or Cuddle Monsters.

    Ashes has singly the best use of items I've ever seen. The build of the club fixtures is so good it does not look like a trove build.. My first thought was it was a mindcraft with a texture pack and furniture add on. It's amazing and a must see club.
    I appreciate the shoutout, I created the build you speak of.

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    Cool Chaotic Ally with interior in I Wanna Be The BUILDERS!

    Please check out I Wanna Be The BUILDERS, a club where all members can build (except for a few restricted builds that make the club nice)
    I just finished the build of a Chaotic Mimic ally (I built a cute version), and if you go onto the top and enter the keyhole, you will enter the Chaotic Chamber, the place where I do giveaways!
    The Chaotic Mimic build is not nearly finished yet (I still need to touch up the background a little bit, and I need to put a way for players with little jump to enter), but other than that, it is pretty much finished!
    I know that the Chaotic Mimic build is not that impressive, as it isn't a large scale build, but I think that it is unique because I have yet to see a Chaotic Mimic build in a club, and even so, it is the chamber where I do giveaways! I know that taking pride into builds isn't really common in Trove, but I did in my Chaotic Mimic build, and I hope that ya'll like it!
    Note that I Wanna Be The BUILDERS is still kind of new, so it isn't that good [yet], but it will one day be a big club in Trove!
    I Wanna Be The BUILDERS is currently closed to the public right now, and if you want an invite, message me on PSN that you want a BUILDERS invite. However, if things go correctly, I Wanna Be The BUILDERS will be open to the public within 5 days to two weeks United States Central Time! I hope ya'll like the Chaotic Ally build! [Winking Tentabox is coming soon]
    #PSN: Benji_Yokai#
    It's pronounced yoh-KAI, not yoh-ki (a common misconception)

    If you happen to be reading my posts, I quit Trove
    I will still be lurking on the forums to see if things have changed, I still have hope

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