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Thread: Hello Trovians!

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    Hello Trovians!

    Greetings, I am Sphericalicious (IGN in the signature below).
    I'm a modder, a pretty meh one, but I try my best to create utterly ridiculous mods that no one would even consider, such as a reskin of an entire boss (I still know absolutely nothing about vfx though).
    Hopefully, I'd meet some friendly people here and have a good time in the forums.

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    I'm friendly
    Need a Trove boost?
    Here are three reward sites you can use to obtain FREE gift cards and more to support your gaming addiction.Enjoy and feel free to say hi if we meet! I promise not to bite...hard.

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    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here in game.

    If you are under mastery level 20 you can use this code to get a free class coin: CQ3PHDGCZ6K2JX3DQTTC

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