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    Items disappearing permanently when moving them

    Moving Items between my bag and my Personal Ches is making them disappear.
    Moving items over its old slot does not make it reappear either like how the usual bug works. Relogging does nothing.
    Some smart mouthed person in Global chat told me to read the new patch notes before I make myself look like an idiot in all chat by complaining about an issue already covered in the patch notes.
    I read the new patch notes.
    I did not learn anything from it.
    I could not find anything stating they are currently fixing items from disappearing or atleast an explanation of what's going on.
    I am confused and unable to play the game in this state if this is happening to multiple people, the game should go on maintenance till its fixed as losing items 100% of the time when storing or withdrawing it is "abit" game breaking.

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    I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The player in question was probably referring to the addition of the Crafting inventory. If you have checked in your Crafting Inventory and still can't locate these items please put a ticket in here so our Customer Support team may further investigate this issue: http://bit.ly/2dxbrvb

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