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    This Mount is so cool

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    Right, didn't commented before it got accepted because i didn't see it, but after acceptance i had to wait because you gave a time to allow spam (xD) so i didn't want to be spam, so here i am, to see what i think, at first i didn't understand the cannonball thingy until i used the mod, and i have to say, is really funny and creative xD, love what you did there, so i'll keep that mod (Rip my personal mod i did for that log xD) So congrats on be accepted, and i really hope they add the spark vfx, that would look great rolling xD
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    Thanks, flower.
    Sorry, flowey. I didn't expect it to get accepted in 2 days, when i saw the notification in my mail box I was overcome by excitement.

    I just hope june passed on my request of adding some VFX to the fuse.

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    Looks pretty cool!
    Dont know how did i not see it earlier!

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    I'm also quite surprised they accepted a log mount so desperately quick (feels that way) but not in a demeaning way, guess they really reaally wanted to and new ones.
    So for that congratulations and hope to see more fantastic mods from you!

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