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    Crafting Blocks

    Seems to be a little bugged once you have crafted some blocks lets say red to pink you then cant back out to the block menu and select the next ones to be converted you have to completely exit out of the cube Converter then re enter it again to start your next batch off, also like in the PC version you cant close the converter menu and carry on building you have to stand there and watch it.

    1. Enter Cube Converter
    2. Convert blocks red > pink / blue > light blue (whatever colour you want)
    3. Wait for it to finish
    4. Try and and convert some more blocks without backing out of the cube converter

    It gets stuck then you have to back out and go back in again, easily reproduced.

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    Thanks for the report! I've submitted a bug report for the issue, so please keep an eye on upcoming patch notes for any fixes.

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