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Thread: how do u make a lot of flux on the pts server?

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    how do u make a lot of flux on the pts server?

    plz answer

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    Not by selling fake codes u scammer ( trying to sell balefire wings code on pts )

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    There is no way, just play on live until they fix pts

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    Why are you on PTS? It's not that live like Skillez said. Getting anything done is a nightmare, pretty much the only thing on PTS you can do atm is explore the new inventory system.
    I'm Mastery 395 (Was 450+ before patch) and got ALL classes to 10.5k+. That's about all you need to know about me in Trove.
    Main is SH, got 21,560 PR on it
    I use Rev in ST's 20,814 on him.
    Yeah that's about it...
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    PS: IGN is vizthex if you wanted to know.

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