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Thread: New Dragon

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    New Dragon

    We can craft the new dragon at Dragon crucible and in SnowFest Table too .
    It's fail about egg in snowfest table maybe ? Like Halloween event ?
    If not i don't know where we can make/drop the egg :/

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    wait till next week

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    Probably the dragon egg will be in the new Snowfest pack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StormySkull View Post
    Probably the dragon egg will be in the new Snowfest pack.
    Yeah i know that but they gonna do the same systeme than Halloween event egg craft in table and dragon in crucible i think so..
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    I think this time around they are trying to promote the tradeable credit pouches, so there is a chance the dragon will only be available in the pack, but who knows, maybe they will add a craftable way to get it but that is just my thought.

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