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    Accepting mods!

    Hi modders!

    The team is looking for a few specific categories of mods during the next 2 weeks. If you're wondering what to work on next, please consider one of the following categories!
    • MOUNTS: Mounts of most kinds, excluding griffons, dragons and centaurs.
    • BOATS: We've opened this category to modders! We'd love to see what you come up with. Matching sails are appreciated, but not necessary.
    • MAG RIDERS: It's been awhile since we've added to this category!
    • WEAPON AURAS: We just accepted our first aura from the community and are looking for more! While we still don't accept VFX files directly, I'll create an aura based on your concept and stay true to your vision! (Don't worry about making an aura for each weapon type. You may choose one weapon to demo your aura and I'll propogate it to the other types.)
    • WINGS: You can now use new textures for wings. They go through the same process as Weapon Auras, so they will be reworked on my end. But as always, I will respect your original concept.
    Don't despair if you are working on a mod outside of these categories. We will accept from those categories later!

    Please feel free to post links to your mods in this thread.

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    pssst sticky this (and could you also sticky bananas voxel editor where he looks for testers?)
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    awww yis time to spam auras :3

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    Are you up to accepting orb/cloud mounts? Those are vfx mounts directly if so, http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...Orb-Collection
    These are some orb mounts I did!

    Also a pinata cloud mount

    Masterful paragon wings

    Valentine day cycle(valentine Hype)

    Cubed Flyers, inspired by the cubed barbarian costume

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    It's awesome to see that the team has taken such an active interest in mods as of late!

    If you don't mind, I'd like for you guys to take a look at my Sea Captain's Seat recliner mount:

    I also have a flying Qubesly Glider mount that I'd love to hear your thoughts on:
    (I realize that it does use a dragon rig, but it's not a dragon in design whatsoever.)
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    I was thinking if you guys would take a look at this mount here i made http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...-MOUNT-Llarrot.

    Also i think these mods here should be looked at http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...rived*-(Collab)

    also i made some wings, http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...estivity-Wings if people is interested.
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    No mag riders this time :'(

    Oh well. :P

    Ima just put forward one fairly old mod for now until i get around to upload some new ones. (boat that has vfx )
    Newer Jetpack

    Its a shame that Dracolyte's ult still affects mounts from having roofs and whats-not. It would be nice to see a system in place for certain mounts that allowed the models when using the draco ult to be enlarged (like how LL ult makes mounts bigger)..... just so we can get the entire category of stuffs with roofs allowed.

    Its nice to see new posts looking for mods tho
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    Perhaps take a look at deez ;w;?
    Mecha Dragonfly
    Police Cycle

    Since you guys are now accepting Mag-riders, check this one too c:?
    Dance Pad Revolution

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    Wow, these are great submissions! Thank you all for your responses. I will wait a few days before accepting to give everyone interested a fair shot!

    Quote Originally Posted by AJ1AJ View Post
    No mag riders this time :'(

    Oh well. :P
    I checked with Avarem and we are open to mag riders, too! I'll update my original post.

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