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    Updated - Connection Issue - 11/23/2016

    Update 4 - We've posted here about the ongoing fight against DDoS attacks.

    Update 3 - 11AM PST (7 PM GMT) - We're back online and stable (though you may see it take longer to change worlds). With the EU servers disconnected you may still experience the occasional disconnect but should be able to connect again almost immediately. There's a chance that there will be a queue of a few minutes after a disconnect, but that should be fairly rare. Thanks for your patience!

    Update 2 - 9 AM PST (5 PM GMT) - We're working on a resolution to the latest disconnect. The EU servers have now been disconnected from the system and we're likely going to need another restart. Please bear with us.

    Update - 8:15 AM PST (4:05 PM GMT) - We're back online! Thanks for your patience. To prevent a network disconnection from bringing Trove offline entirely we will be taking the EU servers off the network through the weekend. We'll investigate the best options for reconnecting them and will provide additional updates on Monday.

    Players in the EU will still connect as normal, but will be directed to servers located in North America for the time being.

    Hey all,

    We're aware of the issue preventing players from logging in at the moment and are working to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

    I'll keep posting regular updates on progress.


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    welp, that explain it~

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    Thank you for acknowledging.

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    The screen just stays like that no network problem mentioned, no retry but nothing happens, yes.

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    This is probably indicative of why you shouldn't have prematurely forced a console release while the PC servers were already barely making it. I'm only guessing, but did you guys split the servers for a console release? I'm sure you can't truly answer this, but I am curious since the PC version was having issues as it is.

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    At least they have taken it offline instead of leaving the Play button live.

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    Do a 2 days maintenance and change servers !! Lmao, remember January 2016

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    yeah yeah .... connectivity issues... sure

    I spent money on this game , and i cant even play becouse "connectivity issues " pfff ... just stop fooling us ..... pls

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    Lost Items

    well i just lost my 5*8p stellar staff to lag i guess. thanks trion

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