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    Coin Collection and Racing Minigame Map

    /joinworld Mag Runners

    The track is the only thing in the club world at this time. Its a rotationally symmetrical track with 4 starting points. There is a portal for both Coin Collection and Racing at the club spawn. The challenge comes from have to jump over the spikes.

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    youtube link \o\

    where: f beat , blue portal(has sign with something hamster)@ spawn(after tunnel)

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    pvp also have a stupid horrible annoying glitch, when you uses a bonus at the right time when someone kills you, you can't get any other bonus boxes until the match ends

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    Agricultores De Sonhos (Club World)

    Coin Collect - Name : little neon

    Name : little neon

    /joinworld Agricultores De Sonhos or 812851058063259985

    Green portal

    Loc: -1357. 69. -1218

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