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    Hey there, if you're looking for a fun coin arena, check out "Angelus Errare"

    /joinworld angelus errare

    From the spawnpoint, if you head slightly east, next to the portals themed pvp arena, we have our "Biomes At War" coin collections challenge.

    Most biomes have been represented in miniature complete with tiny people. Complete with rival castles with cannon launchers to fire you as ammo.

    This coin map is mount capable to help you get around because it's quite large.

    Have fun out there

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    So i build a Halloween Themed racing map.

    /joinworld 4093588147392032933

    Go throught the yellow portal at the spawn to find it!

    You can use wings and mount on it

    Have fun playing it!
    IGN: RiftPhoenix

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    another race~ , its a rainbowy uhm course : p


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    Coin Collection

    I have spent the past few days building this. It is a coin collect map with more than five rooms. Every Trovian starts in one of the rooms, and all paths from that rom lead to the final room.
    To get to this map, you are going to join "Extra Life 4 Kids" and go into the "Castle" North of Spawn, then go through the red Transit Portal.

    Spawn Room

    Room 3

    Final Room
    IGN : DrNinja

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    Club Name: Os Kracudos !!
    World ID: 710931579771752445
    ( /joinworld Os Kracudos )

    The Brazilian club "Os Kracudos" Now has a New Coin Collection Minigame Arena !

    Arena Name: The Last Tower ! To find this map simply enter the blue portal that is in the Club Hub

    Arena created by: Xandellicia

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    I made another race : ). i named it: Escape Pirrotbay.

    utub link

    club f beat,
    how to get there: respawn within 30 blocks is a portal named Escape Pirrotbay, its blue

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    hello - i created yet another race, yesterday, working off a headache >.>.

    its a long'ish tunnel so i cant make a fitting picture but this is the entrance:

    and here's me running through the whole thing:
    youtube link

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    Agricultores De Sonhos (Club World)

    Racing - Name : Dragon Elemental

    Racing - Name : Dragon Elemental

    Time: 1min 45sec.

    /joinworld Agricultores De Sonhos or 812851058063259985

    Green portal

    Loc : -1078, 58, -1262

    Made by Nuxus.

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    i made yet another race

    /joinworld 2842888290360881773

    utub link

    it's really alot safer than it looks xd

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    Coin Collection Map: by Smeeshy
    This build was a work in progress for quite some time. I finally got around to finishing it off and I'm happy with how it turned out. The map is located in "The Renewed"

    /joinworld The Renewed -- Yellow transit portal, just once.



    Main Level:

    IGN: Smeeshy | Voxel Busters President| Voxel Busters Discord | RAF Code: X6QPMRN2H7H72XX3J6LR

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