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    Trove livestream questions - November 18th

    Sorry this is late, folks! Drop your questions for the team below.

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    • Have you considered doing an eventual cross platform for PC/PS4/XB1? It would be nice to get a boom to the population once the consoles gets their playerbase established.
    • When might we get higher tiers of ringcrafting? Crafting 2.0?
    • Shadow 4 Rings are by default 'lootable' with the current system. It would be nice if we couldn't accidentally loot the best option we have for rings. Can you fix this?
    • Groups 2.0? Can we get a better group feature? Being able to 'group' up within a zone. Seeing our friends in a different icon/color on the map would be nice. You could also add those icons to the compass so we can see where someone went to help follow.
    • Work towards reward? I'm tired of having a train of leechers behind me that don't enter a lair/dungeon and steal my loot when I do 100% of the work towards it. Anyone who actually contributes damage on the boss should be rewarded regardless of the number of people present. The next x nearby people can be granted based on who is closest. If one person one-shots the boss. the next 7 people who are closest should get gear. This would promote people actually participating rather than sitting on top of the lair.
    • Currency Transaction Menu, Other FTP games have adopted this (Spiral Knights, GW2) where you can sell the currency that you purchased with cash for alternate in-game currency. This would let users trade flux for credits/cubits to buy items they can't afford. This would promote cash flow and you can even take x% off of the person selling/buying. The user who can't afford to spend cash on the game buy has a lot of flux would be able to trade that flux and get paid currency to get that extra chest tab.

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    Aurim,flackbeard,kami dragon?

    Turkey Dragon For Thanksgiving?

    Updated Patron Point System?

    More Alpha/Beta Player Rewards?

    Pinata Boats?

    More Seasonal Pin Dragons Like The Celebratory Pin in the files?

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    Loot Drop Percentage?

    I might be speaking for the entire community or I might be speaking for my own selfish desires. Throughout my gameplay experience, I have come across countless people who wished to have an official page to allow them to view more in-depth about the rarities of loot distribution in boxes/drops whatsoever. Writing down "Rare", "Very Rare" "Uncommon" is somewhat vague.

    In order for players to make better judgement on whether or not they should sell their box or keep it regarding the percentage or their win/lose rate. I feel like this would be very helpful in the long term since it will allow players to make better decisions based off solid evidence.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Any plans on changing or reverting the new E intereaction? At least for items dropped in the ground.

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    What would the Compensation be for the week of server disruption?

    Will the promo mount be from pinata coin exchange?
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    Can you give us any teasers for the next class? How likely is it going to be a spear-wielder?
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    Will the EU servers be returning?

    I had a much smoother experience with them.

    At the moment /region ALWAYS shows US now regardless of what Glyph says.

    It's been this way since the downtime issues recently.

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    Do you plan on adding a new tier of weapons?
    Such as meteorite gear(fitting for the jurrasic biome)

    What do the devs giving people a "><>" mean? Does it do something other than say you've been noticed by a dev?

    When is PS4/XBone release date? Stop hiding it from us papa avarem!

    Final question I guess:
    Will you add the ability for players to buy name colour changes? If this is to be considered is it to be expected the colours not be close to things like red, purple, green(ish) and gold?
    I personally see this as a very popular feature however, moderation would have to be taken into account for what colours can be chosen.

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    -Does Andy need another reminder about Classy Kiwi's and Streamer's Dreams?

    -Fish are default-locked in the Loot Collector, any chance we could see that turned the other way?

    -I know it was asked last week, but "if enough people want this..." was mentioned... so I'm asking! Can we reverse-sort the loot collector so that the rarest items show at the top? leaving the locked items at the bottom would be preferred if this can be done! =)
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