• Fixed bug where the tutorial objective resets for players the first time after they log in since Tuesday's patch. Unfortunately, a side effect of this fix is that anyone whose objectives were reset will get reset again. However, anyone who has not logged in since the patch will not get reset when they login.
  • Fixed a few incorrect speed values on assorted sets of wings which were too slow.

Hey all, Avarem here. I wanted to drop a quick note about a few changes in this hotfix.

First of all the primary reason for this is to reset (yes again) the tutorial objectives. These were corrupted in our last patch, causing a reset. The only way to prevent all additional players who log in from being similarly corrupted was to implement a fix that resets players who reached the corrupted and therefore reset state. We wanted to get this fix out before the weekend and our weekend warriors logged in for the first time since the patch. On the bright side, if you complete one or both of the join the party objectives before this update you should find that you can complete them again.

Secondly, we are removing the Yuge hairstyle from the game with this patch. What originally felt like a lighthearted joke now felt like something much more divisive and exclusionary. If you were using this hairstyle when you log in after the update you will now find yourself to be bald.