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    PTS Patch Notes - 11/4/2016

    • New Yuge Hairstyle has been added.
    • Eggnog no longer gives mastery and is now in the 'Promo' tab in collections.
    • Loot Collecting dragon egg fragments now gives 400 flux (down from 500).
    • Thallasion now costs scales instead of glacier shards.
    • Cornerstones are back in Drowned Worlds.

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    Cornerstones are back in Drowned Worlds.

    Thank You

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    Question Scales instead of Glacial Shards?

    Wow, i prefer Glacial shards instead of Scales because its so hard to fishing around... :/ why trion why
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    It's because Glacial Shards were already used on another Dragon, and frankly the scales make more sense for a dragon like this. Doesn't make me wish the "double fishing speed" was the actual and natural fishing speed to begin with...
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