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Thread: Dino Forts and Temples – What do you think of my new dungeons?

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    Dino Forts and Temples – What do you think of my new dungeons?

    Last patch I got another lair and another dungeon into the game, my Trog Tree Fort and my Moonstone Temple, so I wanted to make a post to garner opinions.

    The temple has some variants that for some reason have some random blocks, an issue I thought I fixed, whoops, but other then that I haven't run into too many issues personally with them in my adventures but I'm curious to see if anyone else has any gripes with the designs.

    Anywho, let me know what you guys think!


    Imgur Album Treefort


    Imgur Album Temple (slightly outdated colors)
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    Sadly i can't give any input on these, because they're nowhere to be found in the elemental worlds, and going to prime is a waste D:

    They do however look absolutely stunning, too bad you didn't give them enough variants
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    I like your designs Stedms, I think they are really well done. You are definitely one of the most talented people in Trove.

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    Nice idea
    Although im not a fan of having alot of stairs or cramped spaces
    It still looks pretty good and well done ✔
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    The temple is fantastic. Haven't bothered to fully check out each, because I only noticed them during a challenge and hence was time limited.

    The treefort, I could barely tell it was a lair and had no comprehension of the layout. personally I find the floor and canopy separation of the jurassic jungle confusing but nice in theory.

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    I'd like to say that both the treefort and temple look amazing!

    With that being said, I had a bit of trouble finding a way into the tree fort, but that was expected because i've never seen it before.

    As for the temple, i've yet to see it in-game but I'm loving the colours shown in your screenshot

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    Pretty amazing...
    Such a pity that most Trovians won't see them much as they belong to the prime adventure worlds...
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    The temple is kind of confusing since I am not sure which way is the start of it. Most of the time, I end up with the 2nd boss or the portal to the final boss.

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    as for the lair, nothing much to say, just jump up, fall down and kill boss. simple enough. one thing i would like to point out tho is that there might be a bit of a mistake in the air block thingies(the things you put above your lair/dungeon to prevent terrain clipping into its space) since the one time i actually climbed up like you wanted us to i got stuck near the top where the canopy completely blocked off the path(might also just be a weird mistake, just wanted to point it out in case it is a mistake on your part)

    now for the dungeon. hmmm. dont take this too hard, but for me it looks like a complete mess. specially the final boss platform. i just cant see the overall design(i might just be blind). while it goes away from the standard "dungeon" like design(which i like, more diversity is always nice), i feel like it was executed a bit poorly. from the few times i encountered it, i just jumped to the final boss, since its completely exposed, and completely skipped the 2 mini bosses. im guessing that one of them is in the gray structure, in an enclosed space, one most ppl wont ever visit. that, in my opinion(!) is one of the mistakes this dungeon has. placing the final boss in an easily accessible location, while not making the mini bosses as easy to get to basically renders them useless, a thing most ppl will skip. for comparison, lets take the moon shaped treasure island dungeon. while giving you the option to completely skip the mini bosses and go for the big guy, it also places both of them in clearly visible places, as such still making them viable quick kills.

    harsh criticism aside, i still enjoy them being in the game for the simple reason that dino jungle has a bit more diversity now.

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    I like the treeford's setup; exspecially with its fast hidden entry throgh the well.

    Though while challanges, I found myself just bombing in with turtle although i know about the well (not enough time to look for wells :P)

    But it is a nice dungeon to go in, finish and go out while it has love to detail.

    I did not encounter the temple yet.

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