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    Can we have half blocks of all blocks?
    So we can make pixel arts smaller and with more accurate edges, just make the other half invisible, that may be easy to do.

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    Has this been done yet? Because I REALLY NEED these blocks to complete the building I'm working on so it looks realistic. And if it has do console players just have to wait? Referring to the brick/building blocks with lines.

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    Colored water!

    Music blocks that can be placed together and instead of playing a Note twice it holds the tone.

    Maybe glowling blocks that slowly change color into another color or just getting smoothly brighter and darker.


    Being able to put something like cornerstones (but bigger= in club world so you can save whatever u build on it and rebuild it elsewhere.

    Glass blocks that dont have that wierd sun/moon interaction just clear glass (also different colors).

    Dekoration or glowling blocks that change color when pressing e while aiming at them.

    Trigger Blocks, u step on one and certain blocks will disappear, change color, become lave etc would also be awesome for dungeons!

    Glass blocks u can only watch through from one side.

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    We need actual gold blocks, metalic looking gold blocks like the ones that are in the sky lands or so.

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    An iridescent block would be excellent. For shadow-themed builds, the metallic blocks just don't have the desired effect.

    Also, the ability to rotate decorations (or at least place them sideways) would make my dreams come true.

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    A glowing brown would be useful, like a glowing version of Brown Town.
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