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    Quote Originally Posted by Duratok View Post
    I'd love to see '<COLOR> stone brick', where the colors darken around the edges to simulate a slight roundness to the object.

    I imagine this would include shades of gray and brown. It'd be excellent for making castles.

    A Google search of 'Pixel stone brick' came up with many related pictures.
    ya, any kind of brickstones would be nice! Gray, brown and red would be very nice!
    it could eaven be simple like those:
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    I do quite a bit of building, and I've always been a little underwhelming at the limited selection of reds and dark greys. Here are some screenshots of the current basic block color options, as well as the midway colors I'd personally like to see.

    I also think the matte blue colors could use some transitional colors. The jump from light blue (which is almost indiscernible from White in game) to business blue feels a little large to me.

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    I would like to see those blocks for modern buildings in the future.(or pixel art)

    And also possible able to get all the blocks from dungeons, sometimes mimic blocks just can't copy the dungeon blocks.
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    Can you add texture to the blocks in trove not just have them be plain i can think of 10 of my friends who would play because of that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacario1417 View Post
    Can you add texture to the blocks in trove not just have them be plain i can think of 10 of my friends who would play because of that
    I often use recipes at the workbench for walls and flooring, e.g. the Tansu Base.

    There's also the textured section, though those are very limited.
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    Random ideas:
    rainbow block where colors shift slowly or press e on it to shift it.
    face emoji blocks such as :3, and ('v')
    Rubix cube block where has different colors on each side
    False blocks that would make great for doors.
    Colors would say add in more shades of blue or green

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    A simple brick texture of all colors its the most needed material

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    50 more shades of grey.

    Seriously, more shades of grey would be nice.

    Also as PatrikS said, allowing us to input a hex number to make any colour block we'd like would be much better (even for textured blocks, but would require 2 numbers).
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    Corrogated textures would be nice. I'm not sure how best that would look or work in block form though.

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    what about glowing glass blocks? we have the ability to use glowing glass voxels for mods and item styles,so why not in game?
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