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    Exclamation Textured Blocks and Colored Blocks for the future!

    We will be adding some new colored and textured blocks to the game. *happy dance*

    That being said, I would like to get a feel for what blocks people would like to see in the game.
    Maybe there was a color that would've helped link two other colors for a smoother gradient ...
    Maybe you have a themed building but needed that one texture to pull it all together . . .

    I am sure there are many threads asking for specific colors in the past, but may have gotten lost. Here is your place to post those suggestions/requests for them.
    Feel free to re-link older posts about blocks that you think are relevant.
    (HMTL color #'s a plus if you have a specific color in mind.)

    I am a very visual person, so please post examples of what you would like to see if you have them. Here is an example of something that is not helpful: "I want that green from that tree in that biome, but I don't remember which."

    I will do my best to take all ideas and suggestions in earnest.
    Please keep this thread on topic.

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    I am not sure if this is what you're asking for but I would personally love to see this color palette in-game.

    Here's the HEX values for this palette:
    1. D6F6B5
    2. A9E899
    3. 44A682
    4. 467D7F
    5. 376D6D

    It's such a pleasant gradient of green that transitions from dark to a beautiful and pleasant lime. Hope this is what you were looking for in some way
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    I'd love to see '<COLOR> stone brick', where the colors darken around the edges to simulate a slight roundness to the object.

    I imagine this would include shades of gray and brown. It'd be excellent for making castles.

    A Google search of 'Pixel stone brick' came up with many related pictures.

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    Not a specific color , but the most red blocks are more pink thn red. So seeing more kinds of red and NOT PINK would be nice.

    A glowing black would also be nice

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    I know someone... he wants to have more greys
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    Bolder greens, some reds that aren't pink-ish.. and perhaps have some brick-textured reds, blues, whites, yellows -- with the lining being a darker shade of the color of the brick (FF0000 for the "brick", 330000 for the "mortar"). It would be really nice to see simple brick-type textured blocks.
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    maybe a way to place natural blocks easier? like grass from biomes other than neon city, and not having to wait days for grass to spread to dirt, or having to build huge mimic bridges?
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    I'm always down for more shades of blue.
    Quote Originally Posted by Avarem View Post
    This is unnecessary.
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    Alphabet blocks please!
    Also, more skin tones.

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    Alphabet blocks would be nice but i would've thought they would be better like number blocks (as one block that can be changed)

    For colours, id like to see more yellows so i can make trove logos in-game (all 3 shades of yellow needed)
    I agree brick textures would be nice. Maybe broken block textures (like primal blocks but with a texture that makes it look like it has a little crack in it).

    Gradient textured blocks also would be nice (fade from one colour to another in the space of one block) (although maybe this would be better as something that changes depending on its surroundings (like mimic blocks) - and less of a textured block)
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