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Thread: [Dragon] Christmas Dragon

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    This looks like a dragon got wraped up and covered with like :bbb
    Show some support for the modders!

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    Congrats on accepeted man just wish had some codes oh well got brough it anyway xD btw good job dude

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    Festive nights always begin with warm tidings, hearty nights, and hot chocolate galore.
    It would be of little surprise to know that even the most boring of trovians got in on the holiday cheer.
    Ice sages, Chloromancers, Fae Tricksters, you name it.
    However there is always a Grinch in everyones life.
    On this fateful night, our little Trovian simply known as Mike put his plan into action.
    Hefty red bag in hand, our Grinch traveled from Cornerstone to Cornerstone, Club World to Club World, acquiring every flux worthy item in sight.
    As dusk turned to dawn, he ran into a snag.
    There was one last item, a grand Chaos chest nestled beneath the Christmas Tree of Laezaria.
    Greed overcame young Mike.
    Tossing every trinket he possessed aside, the Grinch went for gold.
    Only to be tossed aside, just like all those presents beforehand.
    For you see, in the midst of his groveling, the hand of JuneBug struck.
    Born from the pine spawned a mighty beast.
    Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings.


    Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings.
    A mythical dragon born from the festive cheer of children around the world.
    Harboring the magic of Ol' Saint Nicholas, this beast strives to spread Christmas Joy.
    From Cornerstone to Cornerstone, Clubworld to Clubworld he travels, leaving behind presents for all the good Trovians.
    Evil be weary, for those who are naughty shall face a fate worse than receiving coal!

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    Looking forward to this dragon

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    cool dragon

    I love it 10/10

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    awesome cool looking dragon xmas themed im glad it was accepted! will look awesome with chloro xmas costume

    great job!

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    Since this has been accepted i'm closing and moving to Mod Archive. Thank you all for the support for this Mod. <3

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