I was bored so I started brainstorming another class idea again, as a warning it might be a terrible idea.

I always loved thinking about ways of increasing the complexity of a class in Trove. Again I might be tacking on too much with this idea but overall I think it’d be interesting to see some ‘combo’ oriented classes being added into the game.

Basic concept:

The base concept of the Electromagnetic Magi is a mage that uses both electric and earth magic. It charges its earth abilities by using electric magnifying the earth pulling it in as armor for defense and for later attack, think of recipe lair boss mechanics as to how the armor builds as far as aesthetics go. The element that is used is chosen based off the last auto attack you’ve used (defaults to lighting and alternates). Maybe it’s a terrible idea but I think it could be a hybrid damage type with electric attacks being based off magic damage and rock attacks being based off physical.

Weapon: The Artifact

A mixture of physical and magic damage, probably not quite split in half but something like 70% of top damage as it currently is for each. This would be a 12x12x12 design space and for this class would be duplicated 2-3 times spinning around the character while casting.

Passive: Magnified armor

Electric attacks attract magnify rocks towards your character increasing your damage reduction by 5% per stack and can be used to make ‘rock’ attacks stronger, stacks up to 5 last until used, any ‘stack’ added after 5 degrades once per five seconds.

Auto attack: Elemental shot

Alternates between lighting and rock attacks.

Right click: Elemental Blast (no cooldown)

If last auto attack was lightning, lightning pulses out stunning mobs and builds a rock stack. If last auto attack was rock, it bursts rocks in towards you pulling in enemies and dealing high damage using up one rock stack per cast.

‘1’ ability: Embrace the element (medium cooldown)

Whichever attack type you used last you go into 4 second mode where all your attacks are that elemental type. If last auto attack was, electric decrease cool downs by 25% and 10% damage (builds 1 rock charge every 2 seconds), if last auto attack was rock all attacks gain 25% damage but you lose 1 rock stack every two seconds.

Ultimate: Elemental Barrage (long cooldown)

If lightning, next four auto attacks are imbued with ‘lightning bolts’ that deal a fair chunk of damage, stuns, and build one rock stack per hit. If rock then next X attacks (where X=rock stacks) are imbued with boulders that deal huge chunks of damage and pulls enemies into wherever it hits.

Terrible concept art: