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Thread: WTB Rare / Enchanted Fish

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    Wink WTB Rare / Enchanted Fish

    Got 'Em All!

    Special thanks to ObliviousCookie for selling me Wide-Eyed Noobfish, Radiant Dawnfish, Weird Fisheye, & Gryphish!
    Extra special thanks to Spacemuffin for selling me Radiant Moonfish, Ancient Lavarider, Ancient Seafish, Topical Volcano Fish, Frigid Firefish, Flame Roasted Noobfish, Blue High Flying Cotton Candish, Witchly Anemone, Dry Bones, Gloamfish, Soaring Flamefish, Ancient Chocolurker, Pressurized Gobfish, Popular Poptopus, Frog Prince, Phoenix Fish, Deep Sea Merthing, Charred Hub Hugger & Pink High Flying Cotton Candish!

    Looking to buy rare fish I don't have for Mastery. I only need 1 of each.

    Fish: (5000 Flux Each)

    *Dry Bones
    *Ancient Seafish
    *Wide-Eyed Noobfish
    *Radiant Dawnfish
    *Radiant Moonfish
    *Weird Fisheye
    *Charred Hub Hugger
    *FlameRoasted NoobFish
    *Frigid Firefish
    *Tropical Volcanofish
    *Soaring Flamefish
    *Ancient Lavarider
    *Ancient Chocolurker
    *Blue High Flying Cotton Candish
    *Pink High Flying Cotton Candish
    *Pressurized Gobfish
    *Popular Poptopus
    *Frog Prince
    *Phoenix Fish
    *Witchly Anemone
    *Deep Sea Merthing

    Willing to negotiate for harder to obtain rare fish. Feel free to whisper me.

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    I have the following:

    Dry Bones
    Popular Poptopus
    Radiant Moonfish
    Radiant Dawnfish
    Ancient Lavarider
    Ancient Seafish
    Charred Hub Hugger
    Flameroased Noob Fish
    Wide-Eyed Noobfish

    My IGN: ShadyHashtag

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    Ty for the business. Glad I was able to help you get all your rare fish!

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