Greetings PTS Testers!

The main purpose of the test server is to find and eliminate bugs before they make it to live. To help us achieve that goal, please follow this template for bug reporting. You can add any additional info as well, but these specific details will help us out a great deal.

While you may not be able to provide extensive details in all categories, the more info you can provide, the more quickly we can pin down and squash those bugs.

Reporting a Bug:
  1. Search these forums to see if your issue has already been reported. If it has, add your comment to that thread. If it hasn't, make sure you post just one bug per report. A single thread with a generic title that lists a string of bugs is not going to be easy to track down and sort through.
  2. Title your thread something related to the specifics of the bug you're reporting. Be specific.
As examples of helpful titles (not based on real bugs):

Bug - Throwing a bomb opens a Chaos Chest
Bug - Using the /dance command teleports me to the Hub
  • Time: When did this happen? Give as specific a timeframe as possible. If it's always bugged, that's helpful to, so you can just say that.
  • Context: Where did you find this bug? Was it in a specific biome? Which? A specific lair? Which? If the bug is with a costume, which specific costume? The more details you provide, the more quickly we'll be able to replicate the issue.
  • Expected: In one sentence what did you expect to happen? Example: I summoned my mount and expected to spawn Slow Sebastion.
  • Observed: In one sentence what happened instead? Example: My character threw a bomb.
  • Repro Steps: Is this bug something you can easily reproduce? If so, give us a list of steps to reproduce it, so we can jump right into the fixing stage.
  • Screenshots: Non-scaled, cropped as tightly as possible to the area of the screen highlighting problem. You can post to a third party site and embed the image from that link here in the forums. Make sure that the image you post shows everything we need to see.

Bug Report Example:

Time: Friday, October 12th, at 3:30 PM GMT
Context: I pressed H to teleport back to the Hub after defeating the Daughter of the Moon
Expected: I expected to end up back in the Hub
Observed: Instead, I drank a potion.
Repro Steps:
1. Go to Shadow Tower.
2. Press H to teleport to Hub.
3. Watch as character drinks a potion.