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Thread: How to kill ice sage on pvp ??

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    How to kill ice sage on pvp ??

    he starts hit 1 get a shield and if he gets hit well then hit 1 again and a shield so its impossible to kill it

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    if you're breaking an ice sage's shield repeatedly, you're making the ice sage unable to fight back. that shield take a ton of energy, so if you break it enough, he can't be ice crashing. and if he's ice crashing enough, he won't be putting his shield back up. just gotta keep plugging away at him.

    what i want to know is why there are so many oneshots, especially what looks like one from revenant's left click.

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    It's impossible to kill Ice Sage (comparable to your own level) unless you use the critical eye power up when an Ice Sage doesn't have its shield up and use a class that can kill in one attack, such as SH, CB, or another Ice Sage.
    This is probably what the Devs wanted: Certain classes dominating over the rest
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