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    Hi guys

    I streaming about 4 hours a day in two two-hour sessions
    On October 11, I sent a request to join me at Trion Worlds Creator Program. The reply was received on October 12th.

    Since then, I've been posting a weekly report on the progress of my Twitch and Youtube channel, but I do not get any reply.

    Monday will be the third week and i will send as usual report will see if I get a reply ?

    My channel on Twitch counts over 1,000 followers so wish me luck.

    Best Regards for all Trion Worlds Creator Program members.

    IGN: ZygmuntN / Twitch Sigmund76

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    Cool Just Curious About Timeframe



    I was at Twitchcon, but didn't get a chance to apply for the Creator Program there. Did it shortly after and was just wondering if there's a way to check on status or anything? I've been streaming the crap out of this game and loving every minute. The community that comes around and has helped me get acquainted with the game has been amazing!!

    I'm looking forward to participating more in the game and community.


    www.twitch.tv/scooter08 | IGN: sc00ter08

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    Quote Originally Posted by solodragons View Post
    I see so many dumb proclaims like these ones. the other day 2 creators where having conversation similar to this using proclaims. such a slap in the face to people who actually wanna have these for atualy streams/ giveaways..
    And that is why the Devs no longer give Proclaim-0-phones to streamers xD
    IGN: ButtGoblin

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    I signed up
    ~~My Store~~
    IGN: MajorTom

    Refer-a-friend code: Le link of le refer le le le lelele

    Want to listen to some music within Trove?
    Check out my website! http://trovianmaestros.zohosites.com/

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