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    Senior Member AD0NIS Lkz05's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    french with a small youtube channel
    registered with the link offer.
    you can view my channel in Evolution on my profile
    AD0NIS on Trove
    Lkz05so youtube
    with friends we fesons part of a multi-gaming team
    we have a TeamSpeak for active members.
    for I am curious contests and openning for fun
    soon a brief lvling
    Mastery 300 ...
    + 15k pirate wip (restart gem for big tank) mh magic
    it will take the temp it takes.
    + 15k Boomeranger
    wip: chloro, sh (cg) and candy (cg) (awaiting good gem)
    thank you
    I think in passing the europe server was good Monday
    Thank you for your attention
    [Fr] summer 2018 . TOP/150 trove/geode/global class:GS/PC 26k ( i farm bomberroyal for dragon )
    [Fr] Feb/2018 .Top Mastery(220) Allclass 20k++ .PC+25.5 . EveryDragon
    [Fr] 20/03/2017 Mastery 500+ 2DDE/1Frag . 2Class 20k+ . 3class 18k
    [Fr] 01/01/2017 Mastery 450
    2 DDE (1dde/1frag dragonite).All Class Road to 15k+
    [ FR ] 28/07/2016 Mastery 300
    1 dragon pinata . i need primordial Dragon every class gem its Air (yellow)
    [ FR ] 08/sept/16 . boom 15k pr - pirate tank 15k pr

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    Senior Member force's Avatar
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    May 2015
    How do I know if I was "accepted" and is there any date when it starts?
    YT: www.youtube.com/forcexds (pt-br) Fatallity Leader
    19,6k Subscribers
    Mastery 690+
    580+ Trove videos posted

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    Senior Member Dnsj's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    Top kek
    Do you still get codes in 40's?

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    Junior Member
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    Aug 2016
    California, USA
    Is the application page bugged? I can't seem to access the application via the "Sign In" button on the page.

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2015
    Everytime i try to submit a sheet i instantly get a send message from the site without being able to fill anything out. Is this a bug or only my own problem ???

    And do ingame things also count ? for example Pvp arenas

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    i think the page is bugged. it just does nothing when i press the button. If you guys find time for this a fix would be nice. Also, if anyone has an idea about how many followers you'll need to get codes that would be awesome.

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    Senior Member THIRSTY's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    hey fasti i applied for the program but i regret to say i gave the wrong link i do not stream but i have a brand new community on facebook name Trove Community i tryed to replied but it keep saying thanks for applying is there anyway to change it?

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    Senior Member
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    Aug 2015
    Is this the purpose of the proclaim-a-phones?

    If they really wanted to joke about the guy missing the stream url or something like that they could have used the global chat not the proclaim....

    Not sure how high is the profissional level of those that have proclaim-a-phones.

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    Junior Member
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    Mar 2016


    I have already applied and been accepted into the program and was wondering with this new way do we have to apply each month or no?

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    Sep 2016
    nickname: Smasher_YT
    Twich: https://www.twitch.tv/st_smasher/profile
    I have 92 followers in Twitch,and I love do streams in Trove
    I have 131 mastery rank
    10022 Power rank in my Shadow Hunter and I have total 25423 power rank
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