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    i dont know to be honest, i just really dont understand how most of the functions work, including the ST ones
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teodorp99 View Post
    i dont know to be honest, i just really dont understand how most of the functions work, including the ST ones
    When you do Hardmode or higher, check Hard (meaning there is a damage bonus). Then select how many players of your class there are in the run (it shows in game on the bottom right if other players join on or switch to the same class, which means the bonus damage will decrease). If you are the only Lunar Lancer, select 1. If there is also another one, select 2. If there are 3 or more, select 3+. Checking Ultra simply applies the 99% damage reduction in Ultramode to all damage values.

    In game it shows the bonus damage for 1, 2 and 3+ to be +50%, +25% and +0% respectively, but those values are not actually correct (which is why I don't use them and use the amount of same classes instead). In reality it adds +150%, +125% and +100% to your already existing additive bonus damage, which means the result varies based on how much mastery and what ally you have (for 300 MR and a +20% damage ally, it's +83.33%, +69,44% and +55.55%).

    But all those calculations happen in the background and you don't need to worry about it, your total damage and total bonus damage will be displayed under the base damage input. You can compare the total damage to your damage in game while in a Shadow Tower if you want to see when you selected the right options.

    Thanks for asking, I'll add an info button to the Shadow Tower part that will explain it, similarly to how I just did. If you have any more questions just let me know!

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    Very good work,
    Best Calculator Forever
    Good Progamation no bugs
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    Truly a great tool, showing how 'meh' the powers to the empowered/class gems can be. I thought my new stellar cd/pd/cd Stinging Curse would be great(my first with those stats!) for my LL only for YOU to inform us Other abilities can not trigger it (minions, Lunar Lancer's Crescent Combo) is a let down, not your fault.

    I'm breaking it down further myself, in excel, to the smaller gems since we have more control over those, than the time gated empowered gems, and shuffling stats around looking for a healthy balance to plug into your calculator.

    Who knows with the gem update in 'early 2017' but I'd like to see section of sorts for gems too, my smaller gems can't add +10K/+100% health or +2800PD yet so if there was an option to select the rarity of gems for values relevant to the user that'd be awesome. I'm close-ish at 7950PR but I really want to know what to do with all my radiant 2* gems before I replace my complement of shadow gems.

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    I really love this little gadget and I am using it very often. But why does attack speed noch change your overall damage coefficient? It is an interesting question where to invest your money for best damage output with some dragons that grant attack speed and other dragons that buff your base damage, crit etc.

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    How do you see your base damage when using a console? I'm on ps4 and can't hover even after plugging in a mouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mach View Post
    How do you see your base damage when using a console? I'm on ps4 and can't hover even after plugging in a mouse.
    Just type in a number into the base damage box and fiddle with it until the number below it matches your stat on the character sheet. For example, if your Gunslinger has 180,000 magic damage you would type in 100,000 (112,500 if you are not using an ally with percent boost) into the base damage box to get that number. Make sure to have your mastery entered as well as a checked ally box with percent boost if you are using one.

    So the steps to take are as follows: If I'm 300 mastery and my Gunslinger shows that it has 218,979 magic damage while equipped with a Chronomancer Qubesly ally I would type in 300 for mastery rank. I would then type in 20 on the Ally % Bonus box and check the box underneath it. I then have to type in 121655 in the Base Damage box to get my magic damage. It appears directly below the base damage box with (+80%) next to it.

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