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Thread: Hi I are ready to introductions

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    Hi I are ready to introductions

    Sorry for my wrong english
    I see some kawaii introductions and hey,that is pretty guuuut.Me likey.
    My born name is Leechus Maximus IV and me likey,likey to leech but my above game name is littlegirlmidori feel unrestrained to add me.

    I literally love to build buildings in club planets . In casino you like to build too I always welcome help.Any newcomer is welcome to join my club and to become engineer instantly.With club planets 2.0 every member will get his own land.

    My preffered movies is Pulp Fiction [It is not ****]
    book: Little Prince [It is not about that singer]
    Music: I like to hear people cry , It often makes more sense than modern lyric anyway.
    Gayms:Trove beta version,Half-life3,gta8,Trump Simulator
    Anime:South Park,Simpsons

    Would I vote Hillari Klington or Donald Drumf?
    Donald has my vote because donald duck better

    like,subscribe,retweet,follow,upvote #MakeTroveLessRNG

    I'm very gay for every friend that add me here on forums.
    Free class coin code!
    Click Here
    Works if you are under 20mastery and you also help me by using it.
    Mastery 300+ Maximum pvp rank
    clubs:The Cute Little Girls,The Trove,The Toxic Pinatas,Shadow Tower,lolilove

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    Thats nice!

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