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These are pretty great! I like their simplicity, and the changing colors of the falling leaves are a good creative choice. And I feel your revisions are really on point, too. If you wanted to polish them further, I'd suggest varying the sizes of the leaves on the branches, which would lend additional interest to your design. You may also want to experiment with a simpler shape for the leaves and see if you like that better. These are both very minor critiques, though.

We did tighten the restrictions on VFX submissions last year. Specifically, we disallowed new textures on VFX-based submissions, but it's a restriction I've considered lifting. These particular wings are simple enough that their textures wouldn't be much of a hassle. I usually do revise wings submitted by players, while trying to stay true to the spirit of their concept. This is to ensure that new wings conform to the style of the game.

So no worries, the devs have seen and liked your wings. Awesome work!
Well, so much for waiting and seeing. TROVE DEV-SENPAI HAS NOTICED ME!!!!

Ahem, I mean...

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. It means a lot to hear from someone at Trion about my mod. I may give your suggestions some consideration, but I do like them as they are now.
I'm a little confused about disallowing new textures for VFX. Unless I'm misreading something, that significantly hampers creating new stuff, especially wings, as we can see. So, I don't know what to make of that. I assume you know, and that's what matters.

I only claim to be an experienced noob, so if you need to change these wings, be sure to knock the noob out of them. Hopefully that shouldn't be an issue.