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    Other equipment to trash

    I'm sorry, this is using the Google translation.
    I am difficult to communicate in English..
    Finally, I put the original text.

    Time: anytime
    Context: When it is to be able to open the inventory.
    Expected: Items that have been written in the dialog box will be trash.
    Observed: Instead, the item has been replaced will be trash.
    Repro Steps:
    1. The equipment of the same type and two prepared.
    2. Equipped with one, you put the other one on the inventory.
    3. On the equipment of the same type, and then Press "Inventory Remove Item" key (default: M3) and "Inventory Transfar Item" key (default: M2) at the same time.
    4. Check the dialog, press the Trash

    For my mouse is "M2" and "M3" button is near, was trash precious Stellar bow by this problem and lag.
    I have already submitted the ticket, but it was before the notice to this problem.

    [japanese : original text]

    Time: いつでも
    Context: それはインベントリを開くことができるとき
    Expected: ダイアログボックスに書かれたアイテムがトラッシュされます。
    Observed: 代わりに、交換したアイテムがトラッシュされます。
    Repro Steps:
    1. 同じタイプの装備を2つ用意します。
    2. 片方を装備して、もうひとつをインベントリ上に置きます。
    3. 同じタイプの装備上で、"Inventory Remove Item"キー(デフォルト:M3)と"Inventory Transfar Item"キー(デフォルト:M2)を同時に押します。
    4. ダイアログを確認して、Trashを押します

    私のマウスは"M2"と"M3"ボタンが近くにあるため、この問題とラグによって大切なStellar弓を トラッシュしました 。

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    Hey there! I've forwarded your information to our dev team so they can take a look at this. Thanks a lot for taking the time to compile this report!

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