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Thread: Random suggestion: A world made *entirely* out of water.

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    Lightbulb Suggestion: A world made *entirely* out of water.

    Basically, a world with nothing but open seas. The Drowned World just isn't enough.
    • Pretty much ships only. Also no rafts. Probably there won't be actual limitations on that, but it'll just be inconvenient if you don't have a clipper or galleon.
    • Absolutely no land, except for a few uncommon small islands. These would serve no purpose except containing cornerstone plots.
    • Enemies would be replaced by each biome's humanoid enemies (e.g. cyberian android for neon city) sailing in clippers or galleons. These would take extra damage from cannon fire compared to the enemies in other worlds.
    • Lairs and Dungeons would be replaced by fleets of ships. The dungeon chest from killing bosses would be a floating buoy, similar to the ones in the Treasure Isles. Equipment drops would also be on buoys for convenience of collection.
    • Three Trovian dungeons would not exist here.
    • Some biomes would also have their specific liquid instead of just water; Neon City would be made of plasma, Dragonfire Peaks would be made of lava, and Candoria would be made of chocolate. The enemies in these biomes would have ships resistant to their liquid.
    • Treasure Isles would uncommonly have unarmed merchant ships sailing around. These can be either destroyed for bonus loot (more than other enemies), or bought from for some special merchant ship specific items (not the ones already in the Drowned Worlds). If you shoot one, then the merchant will refuse to sell anything to you afterwards, and if you open the purchasing screen, then it cannot be harmed anymore. They also cannot be shot by other players if someone is currently buying from it or had been buying from it recently (30 seconds ago).
    • Treasure Isles would also uncommonly have fishing ships, which would occasionally contain a fish when destroyed. These are able to fight back by casting their fishing rod at your ship, dealing damage over time and weakly pushing you towards them, as well as preventing escape. They will not attack unless you shoot first.

    In addition, ships would receive some new minor changes with this:
    • Cannon fire damage would scale with your total damage (physical and magic damage stats put together). This would probably also apply to dragon fire as well.
    • Chocolate would slow down ships notably, and plasma would reduce turn speed, limit rate of cannon fire, and limit cannon rotation speed. New ships would be added that resist both of these.
    • Add ramming damage, if this doesn't break space, time, and/or physics. (aka: if it's possible with the way ships are made)
    • Make side drafts be able to change the direction and speed of ships. Updrafts and downdrafts wouldn't be able to do anything though.


    Anyone like this idea? Anything that should be changed or added to it?

    Or does this just suck entirely?

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    This is a great idea. The ocean expansion, available at your nearest next century.
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    Yea Nice Idea
    IGN: ROUGE02

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