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    Quote Originally Posted by KoBeWi View Post
    Oh, but they "fixed" the Shadow Towers. They added the difficulty in the names, so now you won't be invited to normal if you want hard.

    Still, 50% possibility you will end up in the wrong one though.
    "JoeSmoe has invited you to join HARD Weeping prophet shadow tower, floor 2!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avarem View Post
    Words are hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobfishkins23 View Post
    friends list and on invites, it should say something like "Uber-9 cursed skylands" instead of just "cursed skylands" this would eliminate so much confusion and make dust farming easier... i don't know why this wasn't added in the first place with MOP.
    We've seen this request before. I'll run it up the flagpole and see where we stand on this. I'm not personally positive on the kind of tech needed for this change but once I have more info I'll post here.

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