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    Angry Marketplace glitch SRSLY >:(

    Today I was going about my affairs in trove and happened to look on the playermarket to see if I could make some flux, after going into the sell tab I realized I had sold 3 items for a grand total of 30k flux. After claiming all of the flux I went to my inventory, only to realize it didn't transfer to my inventory, I check my claims bar, then my personal chest, neither of them has the flux that I claimed off the marketplace. If you could fix this it would be very much appreciated seeing as I use the market alot and find this incredible annoying


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    Send in a support ticket. They usually help with lost items.
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    Sorry to hear this happened to you! If you submit a support ticket, our CS team would be happy to look into this. Please keep in mind it make some time for them to respond due to a recent spike in tickets.

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