Hello guys!!!!!!!

My name is Tanya and im a Spanish Streamer. (I can speak a bit of english :P)

I want to show u my stream for fun guys! My channel is www.twitch.tv/aynatanya
I have right now 1591 followers and i applied Live Streamer Codes on 27/02/2016 i hope u can check me soon :3

We have a club "Bloody Knights" with a very good community.

We do boats races, mount races, play football, songs, and a lot of funny things. I wanna show some Screenshots

Pixel Arts.

Awesome race of boats.

Race of mounts, so dificult.

AWESOME Plot City of viewers/followers/members of club.

And, VERY AWESOME Battle Arena in water!

I hope u like it If u want to join us u can whisper me (ign: Aynat).
Ty all for look the post