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Thread: Are there really no active clans? Has the community died?

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    Are there really no active clans? Has the community died?

    I find it quite strange that I've found dozens of clans (very talented builders and clearly were active at some point) all with very detailed clan worlds and I would assume players are in U9 somewhere... but I've checked daily on the forums, in clan worlds, and in chat to find a clan that actually has people playing the game.
    All I'm looking for is a clan that has active players and a TeamSpeak or something similar. Is this something that just doesn't exist anymore? Has the community disappeared?

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    -Broken PVP
    -No New Biomes
    -No New Clan Commands/Ranks
    -Screwed Up Gem System
    -Too much RNG

    An the game is lack of fun when there's nothing to keep the the last, middle, group players together.

    That's y
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    i am part of a club called Garden of Wool that has a verry active community and if you would like to join contact sheepski ingame
    Are you limited to only a few classes and really don't want to pay for more? Are you under mastery 20?
    click my refer link Here for 1 FREE class coin when you enter my referral code. Feel free to contact me ingame id be glad to help you lvl up, or even join my club!


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    Im glad to recruit u and i have some active members...
    but my club have nothing, i just can offer my members STs runs..
    and some builds biomes..

    i will recruitu if u want to
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    Really needs friends.....

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    Pleasure to help u in STs...


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    We haven't. Making a new club from the ground up. Currently working on the hub. We use Curse Voice for Comm. If you're interested feel free to Message me in game. ~Sailic~

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    I feel that clans are more friends only. Small little clans without many other people besides our friends and stuff. And I mean real friends that you see and interact with, not online friends. I have a clan and it's limited to just friends of mine so I can kinda see why it's like that. Easier to communicate and relate with. Easier to trust your friends than some random people. Although I could be wrong so yeah. Hoped this helped.

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    I've been in some really friendly clubs, not necessary of irl friend, but with lovely people

    This falls under naming and shaming if i name a really lovely guy? xD

    Hotshot for example, he's a streamer,a modder, a player, etc. and he's really friendly and nice with everyone

    I have a club full of ppl of even different countries, Germany, USA, Latvia, Colombia(me :P) And we talk and laugh a lot xD (craziness indeed) xD
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    we have 750 members all active logged on minimum in past 7 days. Then i have 2 other clubs that are close to the same level of activity.

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