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  1. Uncovered a flux dupe (thanks to sunfest)

    how i uncovered this glitch: (devs take action before people exploit and destroy the economy)

    i were afk (i was getting groceries)

    i came back, loaded in a very busy hub (it was laggy!)

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    Gardening limit BROKEN

    so we as club started farming our seeds from gardening 2.0

    suddenly we reached the plant sprout limit, thats way to low!

    but the bug is, decorational seeds are also counted towards the limit....
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    credit idea is a good one, but that probably wont...

    credit idea is a good one, but that probably wont get added as when they give free creidts they miss sales.
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    this egg is obtainable through an greater dragon...

    this egg is obtainable through an greater dragon cache, or as a dragon through the dragon effigy.
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    well we indeed dont have the feeling we are being...

    well we indeed dont have the feeling we are being heard, but youtuber scyushi (former known as scythe plays) did mention our suggestions a few times already. and patched got rolled out as we send...
  6. WTB a GANDA to gift to our president!

    Hello my friend!

    I am looking for a Ganda to gift to the president of my club (D A M N) on his birthday taking place in a few weeks.

    I will pay you 2 million flux on the start, with weekly...
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    well they could increase the costs such as rent...

    well they could increase the costs such as rent and merchant items as well. to compare it.
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    Let me hear from u devs!

    hi devs! often when i go from club to a dungeon world the game freezes, times out or whatever you can imagine ;-(

    id like to have a feature that allows us to repeat club quests without having to...
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    how to block ppl from clubs?

    there is a command named /club block

    but how does it work? i know very annoying players which i wished they never can join the clubworld again..

    scyushi talked about this in his last video...
  10. Bring us a new world to play! (u10)

    Hello devs! since the arrival of Geode U10, the prime worlds arent really interesting to play anymore.

    we get u9 gemboxes, which drop shadow gems commonly, compared to geode u10 the lowest rarity...
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    Sharing the best idea ever!

    what about clubquests renewing automatically?

    i accept the defeat a shadowtitan task from larsene, go to shadowtower and kill it and boom complete. but! but! after that i have to go back to the...
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    Binding Darkness?

    so i killed a total of 310 worldbosses today (i farm st with the most worldbosses on monday for leaderboards) and i really had intention to farm for binding darkness to craft contained chaos sparks....
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    Rally of Heroes not working

    The Rally of Heroes of club D A M N is not working,

    in the clubtab where you can see your heroes is empty, while there is 1 hero active at the club (which shouldnt be there)

    all slots are...
  14. Idea on soulsink, new gem augments!

    now all players got their items from the light and dark chaos vaults. the souls are beginning to drop in value and so are the items. (radiant and stellar gear)

    my idea was to make new gem augments...
  15. Multiple things that needs to be looked at!

    hey devs, and players looking at this post

    i found a few things that are bit odd in the game.

    1. the fragments that drop in the shadowtower. all bee like creatures are dropping honeybreeze...
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    what about endless gamemode?

    what if there was an endless gamemode...
    1 arena infinite amount of waves, the enemies keep spawning adn they drop corresponding loot, and eventually drop items like legendary-stellar gear.

  17. Abusable quest from rally of heroes

    there is a quest which says you have to complete 3 pvp matches,

    when you join in the bomber royale, and the match start you have to /respawn and then you die and can respawn in a new battle.
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    also today after just a few seconds into the game...

    also today after just a few seconds into the game immidiately crashes,
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    Game keeps crashing on me!

    i was doing the hourly dragon coin thing. suddenly when i had 75/99 coins on the last tier my game crashed.

    a game crash for trove is quitte normal because with map rendering the memory of the...
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    Wide server crash!

    we were celebrating our clubs president birthday, and suddenly the entire server crashed... did we crash the game? so much pins at the same time.
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    What about some automation?

    what if you were able to automatically repeat a club quest?


    the watergemquest. after 5 gemboxes you completed the quest.

    what if when you have done the quest, the quest starts again...
  22. D A M M is looking for club members!

    5000 power rank required
    10 weekly clubit donation

    you get a mount valued up to 75k if you donate 1000 clubits


    some combat fixtures and the travelling club merchant level 3
  23. Weekly rewards from leaderboards not awarded

    i had from all classes up to the empowered gemboxes, only got rewards from gunslinger and glim earned.


    20089PR 285 Mastery
  24. neon city has so less recipe dungeons

    flying for 30 minutes in u3 to look for recipe dungeons... only found like 8 while other other biomes aer filled with recipes :-( i need the recipes and scrap cases :-(
  25. battle arena leaderboards not counting

    ive won like 7 or 8 battles in the pvp arena today, but the results arent are not added on the leaderboards!

    JellyBeansTasty, 19066 ShadowHunter
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