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    +1 A beautiful suggestion!


    A beautiful suggestion!
  2. Instead of removing items from game - let us compost them

    I read in the pts gardening notes that some event materials/stuff are being removed from game. Natural as their description says they will disappear.

    Could we instead make them compostable?...
  3. Archlich Kizappian does not seem to have Defeath Death Knights quest

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to reroll Death Knight quest from Archlich Kizappian for quite awhile... too long to write down here...

    I can not get the quest for defeating/killing Death...
  4. Can confirm Racing Raptor isnt extinct - PC

    Confirmed on PC. And its tradeable.

    I have no words ...
  5. Lost mastery points when I read a recipe?

    Time: 20:20'ish GMT+1
    Context: Candoria, recipe lowered the mastery bar when reading a recipe
    Expected: I read the recipe expecting to gain masterpoints; as in my mastery bar increasing. ...
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