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    Sticky: Trove - Heroes Hotfix 3 - April 17, 2018

    Additional Updates

    (PS4 Only) Fixed an issue causing invitations to sometimes fail.*
    Fixed a crash that could occur when changing worlds.
    Various optimizations to reduce memory usage, which...
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    Sticky: Trove - Heroes Hotfix 2 - April 10, 2018

    Additional Updates

    (PS4 Only) Fixed some issues causing serious graphical corruption and client...
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    Hey folks, Trove is online, and you should be...

    Hey folks,

    Trove is online, and you should be able to log in. Could you please try restarting Glyph if you're seeing it Offline?
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    Trove - Heroes Hotfix 1 - April 4, 2018


    Fixed an issue that could prevent players who acquired the maximum number of Lustrous Gem Boxes last Wednesday from acquiring any today.
    Fixed a server crash that could occur in club...
  5. Hotfix - 2:30 PM PDT (9:30 PM GMT) - April 2, 2018

    Hey everyone,

    We're doing a restart to address the Daily Bonus for Shadow Tower Souls not applying properly for Patrons issue. This will fix the issue for players who run Shadow Towers after the...
  6. Hey folks, Good news! There was an issue...

    Hey folks,

    Good news! There was an issue keeping Level 3 of the Gem Fixture from dropping the bonus boxes. This has been fixed, so all new adventure worlds from here on out will grant you the...
  7. ONLINE - Trove Restart - PC ONLY - 9:30 PM PDT (4:30 AM GMT) - March 24, 2018

    Hey folks,

    To alleviate some server issues being observed on PC, we're doing a quick server restart at 9:30 PM PDT (4:30 AM GMT).

    The downtime is very likely to be under 30 minutes as it's a...
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    Heroes Patch Notes - March 27, 2018

    Known Issues

    (PS4 and Xbox Only) The tutorial may crash immediately after the first kill two enemies step. This should only occur once per account, and should not occur again after a restart.
  9. Trove - Adventures Hotfix 6 - February 6, 2018

    Known Issue

    A change in this patch will prevent purchasing more than one of any item that unlocks a collection, even if that item is tradable. This will affect the Treasure Isles merchants along...
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    Hotfix Download - January 30, 2018

    We've just released a new download that will fix one issue for PC. This will arrive for console in February.

    Dragons in claims will now direct to the Dragons section in Collections instead of...
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    Hi folks, Your suspicions were correct - the...

    Hi folks,

    Your suspicions were correct - the Shrine of Resilience was accidentally increasing damage rather than decreasing it. This has been corrected, and you should start seeing the buff...
  12. Trove - Adventures Hotfix 4 - November 30, 2017

    Additional Updates

    Tethering has been disabled.
    The Mastery rank 420 reward now correctly grants. All players who are at or above Mastery rank 420 should have 10 radiant sovereigns available...
  13. Trove - Adventures Hotfix 3 - November 28, 2017

    Update: After reviewing the contents of this hotfix, we've concluded that it does not contain the removal of tethering. However, the change to remove tethering is still coming in a future hotfix, it...
  14. ONLINE - Restart - PC only - 10:20 PM PST (6:20 AM GMT) - Nov 17, 2017

    Hey folks,

    We've got a hotfix to allow some club members to log in to the game, so we're doing another quick hotfix and restart.

    The downtime should be under 45 minutes and will start at 10:20...
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    Adventures Window The Adventures Window is a...

    Adventures Window

    The Adventures Window is a consolidated place to view all available Adventures (formerly known as the golden thread). Press the Menu button on XB1, the Options Button on PS4,...
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    Adventures Patch Notes - November 14, 2017

    Clubs 2.0

    The entire club UI has been renovated to support Adventures, Fixtures, and all the...
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - October 26, 2017 Part 2

    Additional Updates

    More fixes for the Club UI.
    Dreadnaught badges should now consistently have icons.
    Some Adventure Hero icons have changed backgrounds to more consistently reflect their...
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - October 26, 2017

    Additional Updates

    Another Club UI bug fix sampler pack has been delivered.
    The Club member list no longer shows the dropdown box for members the current player cannot promote or demote.
  19. Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - October 25, 2017 Part 2

    Additional Updates

    A Club UI bug fix sampler pack has arrived.
    The blue color for player names have been removed. They may return some day when they're distributed in a fairer way. Is it...
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - October 25, 2017

    Additional Updates

    Club Permission changes:

    Presidents can always promote any other club member, and can always demote other club member above the rank of Member. Presidents can never demote...
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    PTS Patch Notes - October 24, 2017

    Additional Updates

    More server stability fixes for clubs.
    The Clubit Minting Machine on the Trovian Clubit Union Fixture is now located next to the Clubit donation box.
    Fixture descriptions...
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    PTS Patch Notes - October 23, 2017

    Additional Updates

    Fixed several server crashes that could occur with clubs.
    Fixed a bug where Vice Presidents were allowed to demote Presidents.
    The Club UI will now only show the amount of...
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    PTS Patch Notes - October 21, 2017

    Additional Updates

    Mounts on the Mount Menagerie fixture will no longer allow people to push them around.
    The two shadow NPCs in front of the blue portal should no longer break the scripting...
  24. PTS Patch Notes - October 20, 2017 Part 2

    Additional Updates

    Fixed a fairly common server crash.
    NPCs defeated in the Permafrost biome should now give proper Adventure credit.
    The Golden Chaos Chest Mimic now sleeps for 2 hours...
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    PTS Patch Notes - October 20, 2017

    Additional Updates

    Radiant and Stellar equipment will now deconstruct into the correct items.
    The drop rate of Flux Treasures has been reduced.
    Fix for a crash that could occur when entering...
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