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  1. Unable to connect

    Well, perhaps trove and gamigo might want to resolve some things like the rubberbanding server lags since I am still not able to login and get the "...servers may be down for maintenance..." "sigh"
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    It appears as though entering world issue has...

    It appears as though entering world issue has started again. Tough to invest $ in a game that crashes, lags, and just doesn't let you play.
  3. What's going on

    What's going on with this. I play to get on the leaderboards to get dragonite and other perks. Dragonite which is only really available through purchase or the leaderboard. Now after missing at...
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    Crash Bang BOOM

    No leaderboard or login reward for x days, today got to log in on PC, game crashed. Relog, tried to go to shadow tower, game crashed, tried to log back in after that "entering world 0%", tried again...
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    Update Hell, Stuck Loading World

    After the update I am now unable to play. It is taking forever to load world and then when it does and I try to play the biomes are only partially visible and get beat up by invisible...
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