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  1. Well. Lasermancing them gave me back more bobble...

    Well. Lasermancing them gave me back more bobble pods. Maybe it's the model that is wrong.
  2. half my bobble pod plants decayed before even producing fruit

    half of them popped correctly, the other half instantly turned into a stack of remains.
    That's very bad.
    It's not fun when you guys trade us disappointment. I'm already disappointed enough at Covid...
  3. Suggestion: Various clubworld merchant skins

    It'd be okay if we had at least 3 choices of clubworld merchants skins.

    A more medieval-highland themed skin could be nice.

    IDK about a third choice, maybe neon businessmen with ties and all..
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    So. I found the badges that didn't show up last...

    So. I found the badges that didn't show up last time. All it says on the dragon itself is "obtained through the consumption of 100 hoard souls" which isn't the info I'm looking for in-game.
    Where is...
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    Have you heard about get the cube off my posts?

    Have you heard about get the cube off my posts?
  6. weekly leaderboard rewards - you forgot to give class rewards

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    I'm-a pop your bubble. And you priv-messaged me...

    I'm-a pop your bubble. And you priv-messaged me to read THIS? I stopped reading right away. Go cube yourself. Bye.

    Forums are meant to be used. I won't erase myself just because MISTER feels like...
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    Suggestion: Shadow Luxion

    There's a room below Luxion's landing floor. Get a shadow Luxion to spawn in it at unpredictable moments, with new emblems, flasks, allies, stuff to give badass stats... And of course, style stashes,...
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    Class suggestion: Wildling

    I thought it could be great to incarnate a class that isn't biped.
    A quadruped creature could be amazing to play.
    A bit like FF7's REDXII
    Thing is... It wouldn'T really have any fitness for head,...
  10. More blocks suggestion: Organic blocks

    I suggested more metal blocks in another post.
    This time, I suggest organic blocks for all biomes so biomes like Neon or Candoria can be shaped to an artistic desire.
  11. Biome suggestion: Frozen seas, boat cemetery << This is the story of the boat "L'Endurance". It has been swallowed whole by the ice.
    I thought it would be great to dedicate these reckless adventurers a whole biome!...
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    Hoard Dragon

    First, I over-consumed its dragon souls 60/50 but that's no big deal.
    But I checked the badge, the dragon, and all badges and objects related to it and found no stats about it. Doesn't this dragon...
  13. Suggestion: New biomes in water, air and fire elementary worlds

    I suggest you add: Chaotic Neon(Harder biome) and Industrial Candoria to Fire Element worlds from U8 to U10.

    I suggest you add Permafrost in north and south of the map in Water and Air element...
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    Combo suggestion: NN + LL

    I suggested a combo between LL and Chloro in a previous post.
    Now I suggest that NN builds its shuriken on LL's lance.
    People are disappointed that they can't build their attacks on cursed skull...
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    Suggestion: Faction gems

    Create faction gems, starting from Candoria Takeover scenario that I suggested. #JackNicholsonForCandoriaOverlord

    Class gems would work this way: Candy element gems makes your character Candoria...
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    Chocolate Element: more suggestions

    Following the candoria takeover scenario I suggested, search earlier posts, I suggest bosses gets HR and %HR boosts too, so the 32bit health limitation gets once again defeated. With some HR, it'll...
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    GS subclass - boost it

    The difference between when I'm aerial, jumping, and when I touch the floor is so mince that it's like a bad joke.
    Make the amount of damage when aerial... HIGHER. Please.
    Because: What's the point...
  18. Thread: Rework: SH

    by Trovingnion

    Rework: SH

    How I would rework SH is this:
    Sun Snare should slow delve bosses and all bosses's attack speed.
    Second main ability, Power arrow should throw a bunch of arrows, and while still holding main...
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    Chloro/Lancer ability suggestion

    Triangulate between chloro's spinners so the direct line between each of them becomes a zone of damage.
    Link lancer to lance so anything between lancer and the lance takes damage.

    Make chloro and...
  20. Suggestion: Reintroduce HR in gems, but only with a new table

    HR isn't such a useless stat as some people believe. Tho, it's ridiculously insufficient so additionally to HR, %HR should be introduced.
    Introducing chocolate elemental gems could produce gems with...
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    Suggestion: New block recipes

    I realize that there's quite a lot of metallic blocks that appears in the game that are impossible to craft. I thought I could maybe sample them with a Mimic block but they don't copy.
    With the zip...
  22. Mount suggestion: A bird like Ganda, but that leaves a path of bouncing blocks

    I was watching someone with the bird like Ganda but that leaves a trace of ice, and I thought it would be cool to have something more wanted than Ganda, I thought about the Rampage boss K455 Andra,...
  23. Suggestion: Banner - speed boost when moving in a liquid, lava, aciddamage reduction

    It'd be great if you'd go ahead and create a banner that makes you get a speed boost when moving in any liquid, including chocolate, and reduce damage from lava and acid!
  24. Two headed dragons animation suggestion - alternate which head shoots

    I thought the two heads dragons weren'T convincing. There's only one head that shoots. It feels like driving a car from England. It would be nice if both heads shot projectiles, alternating one...
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    Class/Subclass revamping suggestion

    It'd be relevant that gunslinger subclass makes other classes float when causing damage.
    It'd be relevant that classes that only triggers with an amount of chances have a quicker cooldown and that...
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