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  1. Shadow Hunter's Arrow of the Goddess Bug

    September 4th, 2019 at 11:00 AM (-7:00 UTC)

    After some testing, I have concluded Shadow Hunter's Arrow of the Goddess ability contains a bug: if a Mark is placed upon the...
  2. Class Changer's Sort-By Options' Disappearing Act

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Open up your Class Changer [ J ].
    2) Open up your Market [ U ].

    The sort-by options, as well as the entire top bar where they appear on, will disappear...
  3. Should "Rampage Alert" Challenges have no sound?

    Invading mobs no longer spawn in the first areas of the game to prevent startling new players, but what about the Rampage Alert Challenge? This hourly challenge sounds an alarming sound across the...
  4. Improving the Concept of a Homeworld?

    Coming across the old Homeworld (unless there are more) does sprout the idea to revive it...
    Perhaps we, the Trovian Community, could improve upon this Homeworld idea for the Trove Team?
    What do...
  5. Water destroys others' plants within cornerstones

    Placing a Face of Flow or using the Water Primordial Dragon will produce Water and destroy players' plants on their cornerstone when the flowing water originates outside of their cornerstone by...
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    Hopefully you, Fasti, or any other transferred...

    Hopefully you, Fasti, or any other transferred members from TrionGames can keep us updated on what will change for each game being transferred tp Gamigo

    For the future, I would hate to see your...
  7. How complicated of a formula are on our gear's stats?

    It appears the stats on our gear is increased differently based upon the stat and stars or pearls and stars.

    Take my Revenant's Stellar Hat and Stellar Face, for example. Both Maximum Percent...
  8. [[Note: This calculation does NOT include...

    [[Note: This calculation does NOT include obtaining Dragon Coins or Lesser Dragon Caches through other means.]]

    Given that there is a Collection or Racing Challenge each hour within those four...
  9. Luminopolis Outpost NPCs are mobile and should be made immobile.

    I have seen several occurrences where players have a nearby Luminopolis Outpost's NPC in their cornerstone. This can be unfair to other players due to the fact that nobody except the cornerstone's...
  10. Would be nice if Trion would make a special...

    Would be nice if Trion would make a special server for when a specific server (like PC/Mac and Console) is offline for an hour or more so we could still play in-game; even if that information isn't...
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    Hello, and welcome, o:

    Hello, and welcome, o:
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    WTB : Styles (Not Recipes)

    [[[ Thread Erased ]]]
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    WTB : Stellar Gear/Rings

    [[[ Thread Erased ]]]
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    Empty Club World?

    Is it me, or is this club empty? :thinking:
  15. LF Mods : World ID History /and/ Jump Count

    World ID History: A mod that keeps track of the worlds' ids you are/have been in.
    Jump Count: A mod that keeps track of how many jumps you've done as well as how many you can do (Useful for Cursed...
  16. * claps *,...
    * claps *, gj, Trion, on your newest of grammar fails: Downtim
  17. What do you mean by "CD"? Do you mean Critical...

    What do you mean by "CD"? Do you mean Critical Damage? Rings may only have any of these as a secondary stat: Magic Find, Jump, Stability, Critical Hit, Health Regen, or Energy Regen.
  18. WTB : Stellar/Radiant : Hats/Faces/Rings/Weapons

    [[[ Thread Erased ]]]
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